Costume Time! Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas for Kids September 22, 2016

Summer is officially over and September is in full swing, which means Halloween is just around the corner! Think you don’t have what it takes to pull off an adorable DIY costume for your little one this year? Think again! You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that these fun, simple, and ridiculously cute costumes are wayyy better than those generic store-bought looks every other kid’s gunna be sporting come all hollow’s eve. The best part? These wearable pieces will take your tot through every season with countless mix-and-match ideas!

Treat your tiny tike to these inventive and adorable homemade Halloween costume ideas for a Halloween you won’t ever forget!

Frida Kahlo

Elsa from frozen? Wayyy overdone! This year, bring out your little girl’s inner artist with this adorable Frida Kahlo costume. With this hand sewn  Mexican Floral Dress by Chibella as the centerpiece, and these cute Sandals as an extra, your cutie pie will stay snuggly and warm as she collects her treats! Add a quintessential Flower Crown, a super fun Bracelet and a bright Scarf to complete the look! (And don’t you dare forget Frida’s famous unibrow!)

Punky Brewster

This Halloween, let your little lady in on the power of Punky Brewster! For serious cuteness overload, pair a Vintage Hearts Tee with Flared Jeans, and top it all off with a Nylon Puffy Vest by Egg. Transform this sweet street-style look into a Punky-specific costume by adding must-have details like Sun Hair Clips, a Purple Bandana, and Pink Chuck Taylors.

Axl Rose

Oh, oh, oh, sweet child of mine! This October 31st, your little bambino will be rocking out with the best of them in this Axl Rose-inspired look!  This Rock n' Roll All Night Tee by Prefresh will let people know your kid is ready to rock, while a Long Sleeve Button Down tied around the waist and a pair of  Extra Distressed Jeans add the edge he needs to pull off a convincing Axl Rose. Add a red bandana, some aviator style sunglasses and a spooky Seasonal Tattoo (or two!) to tap into his full rock-star potential!

Howl at the moon this Hollow’s eve in an ultra-cool, incredibly comfy wolf get-up that starts with a Wolf Mask made from soft sewn wool. Layer a fashionable Lumberjack Plaid Shirt with some Slim Jeans and a Long Sleeve Flannel for a look that’s bad to the bone. Complete the look with a handmade fleece Wolf Tail and some Grey Suede Sneakers and you’re good to go!

What are some of your favorite DIY Halloween creations? Comment below, we’d love to hear!