Brown Sugar Beach

Grey Geo Pants


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Grey and White Geo Harem Pants with white waistband and ankle bands.  100% cotton jersey.  Handmade in Santa Barbara. 

  We are picky when it comes to prints but this is spot on!  Looks great with just about any shirt, on any boy or girl. 

Brown Sugar Beach is a handmade, high quality, modern kids clothing brand. They dream up, design and sew everything you see {with lots of love and a little bit of ocean air} in Santa Barbara, California. Each item is thoughtfully designed and sewn by hand, but more importantly everything you see has passed the owner's daughters strict guidelines of comfort & wearability as well as her innate fashion sensibility. 

They run true to size. Great for growing kids because they look cute baggy if slightly too big or scrunched up with the ankle showing if slightly too small.  3" tall yoga style waistband, drop crotch, fitted through the knee to the ankle with a 3" ankle cuff.