Pink Ikat Baby Harem


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Ikat Harem pants handmade in Bali. Made of soft, ikat cotton fabric and elastic waistband. All Ikat is hand-selected, and pants are hand sewn making each pair unique.  No two are exactly alike.

These harem pants are a must-have for every boho baby. One look at these and you'll know they're special and unique. 

Born on the open roads, Cleobella collection is inspired by those stories you can't always explain, but can never forget.  They founded their company in Bali because they were changed forever by this part of the earth, so enormously full of love, tradition and simplicity.  Their work with local artisans helps to provide a sustainable income each year, which makes an impact on the community.  Cleobella's intricate process is signature to their brand, creating every product individually by have makes each design a timeless work of art.  It's their hope that the collection inspores you to wander, live and love in style- with the magical spirit that lies in the heart of every wildflower. 

(0-6 months): 12in waist, 12in length

(6-12 months): 13in waist, 13in length

(12-18 months): 14in waist, 14in length

(18-24 months): 15in waist, 16in length

2T: 16in waist, 18in length

3T: 17in waist, 19in length

4T: 18in waist, 20.5in length